This is IT! My Personal PLE!

March 18, 2008

Okay, time for my PERSONAL PLE… My Personal Personal Learning Environment… repetitive, isn’t it?

Google Reader and FireFox… I don’t really use any bookmarking.



March 11, 2008

W3Schools is one of my favorite websites.  I used it to learn HTML, and CSS seems just as easy with their presentation.

I am, again, keeping this website referenced for future use.  I learned all sorts of stuff for HTML from W3Schools, and I hope to learn a lot about CSS from the site.

More on PLEs

March 11, 2008

You know, that makes a lot more sense to me.

It’s a lot easier to say, “Here are some of the common tools people use as a part of their Personal Learning Environments,” then it is to say, “A PLE is something you use that has all your tools to learn stuff and all those tools make an environment and something something blah blah blah.”

SO… PLEs… yeah, I just honestly find it to be self-explanitory with the article I found.  Makes a lot of sense.

Why I will NEVER Pod/Vodcast even though I want to

March 11, 2008


I Love Podcasts.  They’re so convenient!  Just plug your mp3 player in, and INSTANTLY, you’ve got a piece of audio or video that is relevant to YOUR interests, that you can take with you wherever you go and listen at your convenience.  It is a great concept.  I subscribe to numerous Podcasts about Pro Wrestling, Sports News, Video Games, and Movie Reviews.

Also, Podcasting is easy to do.  If you have a microphone and an audio software program, you can Podcast.

I have a microphone.  I have audio software.  I even have a Webcam and Video Editing Software.  So, why won’t I Pod or Vodcast?

Because I have a face for Radio and a voice for Silent Pictures.

You know, it’s for the people who aren’t as “self-conscious” as I am.  I’ll still listen, watch, and subscribe to numerous Pod and Vodcasts, just don’t expect to see me put one out anytime soon.

Communities of Practice

March 11, 2008

Communities of Practice… basically, everything can be a community of practice. I go to school, that’s a CoP. You go to work, that’s a CoP. You post on a wiki, CoP. Forum, CoP. Yahoo! Answers, CoP.

So, if we all use Communities of Practice every day, and we KNOW it, what’s there more to say?

Honestly, there ISN’T a lot to say here. We’re in CoPs. We use them everyday. Woop de doo. Where’s the extra mile to go? I suppose creating our OWN CoPs, but we do that through these blogs and our wiki.

And that’s all I gotta say.

How to be Heard

March 5, 2008

Here’s #1 in my series of rapid-fire “make up blogs”.  This covers Week 4, How to be Heard.

Too long.  Didn’t read.

Nah, I’m messin’ with ya.  As I’m reading this, I’m getting quite a bit of useful information.  What do I write about?  What do I link to?  What is important to ME, and how can I relate it to other people?

The blog is an incredibly useful tool.  I’m bookmarking the Article so that I can refer to it again for advice whenever I need to.

As for my personal blog, here it is:

Easier SAID than Getting Things Done

March 4, 2008

GTD is an over-simplified piece of crap theory. THERE, I SAID IT!

Let me explain. GTD is simply, “Okay, take all of the useless stuff, and forget about it! Then just do the stuff you NEED to. Then forget about that stuff.”

Okay… yeah, that’s easy to SAY… but how many people can DO it? It’s human nature to worry about the little things. You can’t just say to forget these things and it’ll magically happen. People are not going to buy the manila folders, the markers, the label-makers, or anything else.  For a lot of people, doing all of that is MORE hassle than it’s worth.

We don’t need GTD to get things done.  We don’t need some book to tell us how to do what we need to do.  Everyone has their own way of doing things, and that’s the whole case.

WHAT is my Major Malfunction?!

February 23, 2008

What the crap is wrong with me? I’m failing this class MISERABLY, and I don’t know why!

Wait, maybe I DO know why…

I don’t blog. I don’t post. I don’t comment… now the question is again, why?

I mean, it’s not terribly DIFFICULT… It’s not like I have to write a 600-page novel, right? Is it that I’m not interested in the topics? Maybe… So what do I want to learn?


I have thoughts, ideas, views on almost EVERYTHING. But I don’t have a medium! The blog could do it, if I just knew how to promote it… so, THAT’S what I want to learn. Promotion. Advertising. Making money. I need a way to get things out there! I know blogging, I know comments, I know tags… but I’m not GREAT at tags… and I want to know more. I want MORE ways to promote…

Anything to pass this class, dammit… I NEED to pass…

Gurrd durrmurrt…

February 18, 2008

I’ve tried quite a few ways, but I can’t seem to get my $%@#ing aisites website up!

Can any of youse guys help me?

PLEs and such…

January 20, 2008

Apparently, a “Personal Learning Environment” consists of all the stuff you use on the computer.  For me, it consists of Firefox, Google Reader,, MSN Messenger, etc.

You know, this article really didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.

Everything is learning.  We all learn different things in different ways.  I was figuring out new ways to learn before Al Gore looked in the box under his bed and found the Internet!  I used to go on the internet and communicate with others before AIM or MSN Messenger became popular… at least, I like to think so.

But I get it.  We have a whole host of tools at our disposal to work with.  I didn’t really learn a whole lot from this article.  I knew most of it already.